Insurance Benefits

** We provide the service of taking care of your insurance claim and doing any necessary paperwork here at Bartron-Myer Funeral Home.  It is a service provided to our families.  Please let us know or bring in your policy(s) and we will be glad to assist you in processing your claim.
Insurance Benefits may be available from the following:

  •  Life Insurance Companies
  •  Credit Unions
  •  Employer Group Insurance
  •  Credit Life on Loans & Credit Card Companies
  •  Car Insurance
  •  Veterans Administration
  •  Fraternal and Civic Organizations

Necessary documents that one needs for filing a benefit claim:

  • Certified death certificate
  •  Insurance policy
  • Claim form signed by beneficiary (obtained from insurance company).  If we process your policy, we will obtain all necessary forms, fill in appropriate information and obtain your signatures
  • If the beneficiary named as first beneficiary has died, a certified death certificate for that person will be needed (depending on the insurance company, other of proofs of death may be allowed)